The Journey of the Question

Several years ago I met a man who’s first name was Gordon.  After meeting Gordon we visited for awhile and after leaving his office, I remember thinking… ‘That guy asks some really good questions.’

I soon realized that asking good question was an art form and on occasion I visited Gordon for the sole purpose of learning how to ask good questions.

Henry Nouwen wrote a book titled, “Dare To Journey.” In his book he writes about, “The Importance of the Question”.  Nouwen makes a statement, which I whole-heartedly agree with… “We tend to prefer answers to questions.”  In my own life experience I find that to be true. I regret that there have been times in which I have robbed people of the power of the question.  Questions sometimes have a way of ruffling the smooth front of what we already know and open us up to new possibilities.  Quick answers rob us of the journey of finding our own answers and experiencing the journey that the question takes us on.  Sometimes it is better for us, and for others to experience the question.

A question often puts us in touch with our struggles, pains, doubts, and insecurities.  If we would dare to embrace the question, we are likely to grow in ways we may have never known if someone had simply provided us with the answer.

We have often heard it said… “Jesus is the answer”. Throughout His ministry, however, we see when Jesus was asked a question, He often responded with another question.  I believe Jesus is the answer. However, He is equally present in our question.  I hope you experience God in your quest for answers to life’s questions.

 “But what about you?” he asked who do you say I am?” Matthew 16:15