Do You Suffer From Paranoia?

Have you ever wondered if you suffer from Paranoia?

Paranoia – Paranoia is from the Greek para- “beyond irregular”, and noos,“mind” It is an irregularity of the mind. It distorts a person’s perception of what is real. Someone with paranoia may believe that other people are out to get them or are watching them all the time.  I searched Google and found this definition…

  • Suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification.

Often times people become so consumed with what people think and trying to please people that they truly suffer from paranoia. All of their thoughts are from the lens of wondering how others will receive or perceive what they’re doing.  What does my boss, my co-workers, neighbors, friends or people that I don’t even know, think about me?  If the truth be known I don’t think people really spend that much time worrying about you, because they’re generally too busy worrying about themselves. So, let’s drop the baseless suspicion of worrying about what others think.

“I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord”. - Martin Luther King