October 09, 2017

This Promise You Can Keep!

Perhaps you’ve heard it your whole life:

  • Go to church.
  • Read the Bible.
  • Say your prayers.

These are all good things. But Jesus didn’t come to give us a to-do list. Jesus came so we could experience a full and meaningful life. The Bible which is God’s Word is packed full of promises. These promises were written for us to read and experience life to it’s fullest.

October 09, 2017

Do You Suffer From Paranoia?

Have you ever wondered if you suffer from Paranoia?

Paranoia – Paranoia is from the Greek para- “beyond irregular”, and noos,“mind” It is an irregularity of the mind. It distorts a person’s perception of what is real. Someone with paranoia may believe that other people are out to get them or are watching them all the time.  I searched Google and found this definition…


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