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  Children's Ministry  

Here at Northdale Baptist Church, kids are a Big deal! Our church is a family church, and like in most families kids are important. Why are they important to us? Because they are important to Jesus! These words of Jesus are recorded in The Bible in Luke 18:16… "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these”. As the Lord placed high value on children, so do we.

Children’s ministry is an equipping ground; it’s a time where kids get together to celebrate God and reinforce the teachings of Christ that they should be receiving at home. If they’re not receiving godly teaching at home, then our Children’s ministry is a safe place for kids to learn and experience the love that God has for them. That is why we offer age-appropriate activities and relevant learning experiences taken directly from God’s Word.

Our church is fun for kids, and that’s another reason it’s the place to be. The healthy, growing churches of today all have at least this one thing in common—great children’s ministries. They are invested in the next generation, and so are we!
  Music Ministry  
  Our goal is equipping people to share their musical gifts and ministering to the world. Northdale’s music ministry has a place for people of all ages from 5 years old to senior adults. We seek to help people develop and use their talents to bring glory to God. We offer choirs, Praise teams & band.  
  Senior Adult Ministry  

We value the years of experience and godly wisdom that each senior in our church offers. At our church, seniors are esteemed and appreciated. They are a living example of the joy and fulfillment that commitment to Christ can bring. Seniors in our church are still growing strong in their Christian life. Life does not slow down too much for our seniors weekly Bible studies, potluck meals, and special activities are all part of the fun for our seniors. At our church everyone is important whether you are sick, in the hospital, nursing home, or home bound. You are not forgotten by Northdale folks because we are a family.